The Story of Rival

I lived by myself in Dallas for about a year.  I started toying with the idea of getting a puppy to keep me company.  The problem that I had is my job was too far away and I had too many lunch appointments to be able to stop by the apartment to let the dog out halfway through the day.  About the time I had decided to wait to get a dog until I had a backyard I took a trip down to the pool in the complex.  I was minding my own business when this small cat came up to me and was meowing at me and rubbing against my legs.  He was so cute and seemed to be very social, so in the matter of about 10 minutes I decided to get a cat and had taken him upstairs to my apartment.  His name is Rival.  At first this was because of the difference between my alma mater and my ex-boyfriends, but he has truly lived up to his name without fail. 

Here is my son at the beginning of his life with me:

  I found out through the vet that he was about 4 months old and that he is a Maine Coon.  This breed is known for being affectionate, talkative, and big.  Rival is more like a dog than I could have ever planned for.  He enjoys sitting in my lap (especially when it is cold) and follows me around the house.  He is so fun to play with and has turned into a size that Maine Coon’s are proud of, 16 pounds.  He lives up to his name when he acts very mischievous.  He enjoys waking me up in the middle of the night by playing with the blinds or meowing because he wants me to turn on the faucet so he can drink out of it.  Here is a picture of Rival at his full size.  He hates when I travel and tries to go with me: 

I am very lucky because my husband likes cats.  Rival wasn’t so sure about Ryan when he first joined the family, but has quickly learned to love him.  Ryan and Rival love to play together.  For some reason Rival likes to attack Ryan’s undershirts and Ryan is always provoking the cat to be wild and crazy. 

As a person that never had pets growing up (unless you count hamsters, and an outside dog that was my sister’s) I feel so blessed that Rival came into my life.  He leaves fur balls everywhere and the occasional “presents” to clean up, but I love him regardless.


You want to make God laugh? Tell him your future plans. -Woody Allen

I recently found a box of projects at my mom’s house that I made throughout my school years.  Inside one of my very beautiful, very professional looking “Books about Me” I found a list of plans for my life.  After reading through where I thought my life would be at the age of 28, I felt extremely disappointed in how things have gone to accomplish those goals.  After reflecting and thinking more about it, I know that I am so happy and wouldn’t have been able to accomplish some of the things that I am proud of if my life turned out the way I imagined it would.  Just because you might be curious, here are some things that stuck out to me in my list of plans.

-Be married and have 2 children
-Drive a Ford Taurus
-Be a teacher

I turned 28 this past June.  I barely made the marriage cut off.  I was married to the love of my live on April 10, 2010, at the ripe age of 27.  I do not have any children, and we plan to wait a little while before starting our family.  Funny thing is I actually have driven a Ford Taurus as one of my company cars (it was actually the Ford 500 at the time, which they have changed the name BACK to the Taurus now).  Once I reached college age the hopes of becoming a teacher was never explored.  I loved all of my science classes in high school so continued this path with the hopes of becoming a doctor.  I realized after getting to college that the people that want to be doctors are crazy!  I wanted to be social, join a sorority, and have a “college” experience, which were all difficult things to do while maintaining the 4.0 required for medical school admission.  Also, spending 8+ years past college in higher education did not seem like something I would enjoy very much.  I ending up finding a career that I love and am good at in healthcare sales.  Unfortunately I am currently unemployed, but know that there is an amazing opportunity out there somewhere.  One of the reasons I am starting this blog is because I listened to a talk in a networking group I belong to about “having an online presence”.  Maybe people will read this, maybe not, but it will allow me to put my thoughts about various topics down.

This blog is going to be about my quest to find life and fulfillment.  Do I know what I need to get these things?  No, but hopefully through this process they will reveal themselves.  Some of the topics I would like to talk about in my random thoughts are: being married, looking for a job, spiritual lessons, my awesome cat Rival, books, and the joys of homeownership (that being sometimes sarcastic, and sometimes not).  I am new to the blog universe, so please bear with me as I start this journey.