Job Interview

I had a job interview this morning.  I don’t know if I will get it or not, but I do feel like no matter what, it was fate/good luck that led me here.

I am part of a career networking group that meets weekly.  There is time for networking and there is time for a speaker.  Some weeks are good, some weeks are bad (and I leave early).  This week (yesterday) I was excited about the topic because the nonprofit small group was putting it on.  During my time off I have definitely rediscovered my passion for volunteer work and community service.  For the speaking program there were 5 people who came to talk about their nonprofit organizations.  Mostly they were discussing the benefits of volunteering as a form of networking and a way to feel accomplished while unemployed, but one woman briefly mentioned she was filling a staff member spot at her organization.  Several of the things she spoke about during her time really related with me (she went through a period of unemployment herself and said that at some points she was just so confused why people weren’t hiring her because she is smart and so capable).

So after the meeting was over I got up the courage to go talk to her.  I started by asking her questions about how she proved herself enough to someone for them to give her a chance in a different industry.  After she heard I had a sales background she started talking about her Volunteer Coordinator position she was filling and how important it was to have someone in that role with a positive attitude.  I felt like I really clicked with her during that time and thought “I have what it takes to do this!”  I emailed her immediately when I got home and we set up an interview for today. 

I met with her at 9:00.  The office is so nice and roomy.  We talked for only 45 minutes, but in that time I shared why I think I will be the best candidate, and she shared what the ideal candidate would be like.  She is has three candidates she is considering, one with Volunteer Coordinator experience.  I don’t know what the outcome will be, but she is supposed to let me know by Friday.

If I get the job than I will be so excited to feel like I am doing good in the community, but also to help others rediscover their own passion for volunteer work.  If I don’t get the job, I am thankful for the opportunity to practice my interview skills and open my eyes to another area to look for a career.  I am also thankful to have briefly met the woman I interviewed with because she seems like an amazing woman and a great role model for me professionally and spiritually.


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